Direct Access Barrister – Commercial Law

Spencer is a direct access barrister with experience of providing the highest quality legal advice to both companies and individuals.  He undertakes direct access work in the following two forms:

  • Licensed Access – This is where companies, firms and other entities instruct a barrister directly.  In order to do this the entity has to have a licence from the Bar Council.
  • Public Access – This is where a member of the public, company, firm or other entity instructs a barrister directly.   In this case the barrister needs to be qualified to accept direct access instructions.

What Services Can a Direct Access Commercial Barrister Provide?

As a direct access commercial barrister Spencer can:

  • provide you with expert legal advice;
  • draft documents such as contracts and standard terms of business;
  • help you draft correspondence;
  • help to draft legal documents and formal court documents such as:
    • statements from witnesses;
    • particulars of claim;
    • a defence;
    • applications (for example – an application for an injunction, for disclosure or for summary judgment)
  • advise you on the most cost effective way of running your case;
  • advise you on the steps that need to be taken in proceedings.

You can find out more information about licensed access here :  Information about licensed access

You can find our more information about public access here: Information about public access


How to appoint Spencer

Please call Spencer on 07717 721204 to discuss your needs.
Alternatively, please email or use our contact form to get in touch.