Employment Tribunals

Spencer is a well known employment tribunal barrister.  He is able to provide direct access services.  Spencer acts for both claimant and respondents.   Spencer is recognised in Chambers and Partners Guide to the legal profession, and the Legal 500, as a leading employment tribunal barrister.

Employment tribunal cases can be short, simple hearings last a few hours or lengthy and complex hearings lasting many days.   Employment tribunals  hear a variety of cases, from unfair dismissal claims to disability discrimination claims.  Most cases in the employment tribunal are heard by employment judges who are normally solicitors or barristers who have practised in employment law.

Although the employment tribunal is intended to be an informal forum for the resolution of workplace disputes advocacy in the employment tribunal can be challenging and requires careful preparation.  The legal issues are often complex even if the sums involved are not always large.  Whatever the size of your dispute, Spencer can help.  He always endeavours to provide pragmatic, sensible solutions to employment law problems.  Often the best way forward is to avoid as tribunal hearing but if it comes to the worst Spencer will always endeavour to get the best possible results for his clients.

Why A Direct Access Employment Tribunal Barrister?

A large portion of Spencer’s day to day advocacy work involves appearing in employment tribunals.  As an employment tribunal barrister he is able to provide advocacy services and advice of the highest quality.  Spencer is a member of Old Square Chambers who are probably the busiest employment chambers in the country.  You can see Spencer’s profile at Old Square here.  Spencer’s first case in 1998 was a disability discrimination claim in the Southampton employment tribunal.  Since then he has developed a busy employment law practice that sees him in the employment tribunal on a weekly basis.  He has thorough knowledge of the practice and procedure of employment tribunals.  He also has a practical knowledge of the ways in which employment judges deal with both case management and hearings.

Direct Access Employment Tribunal Barrister

How to appoint Spencer

Please call Spencer on 07717 721204 to discuss your needs.
Alternatively, please email keen@oldsquare.co.uk or use our contact form to get in touch.